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General Questions (8)


Is the standard website template mobile friendly?
Yes. The template website included in all packages is mobile friendly, so it will display correctly on your mobile, tablet, laptop and computer.
Will my properties data be backed up?
Yes. Your Data Base is backed up daily, weekly, monthly and is backed up on a different server
Will I be able to customise my new brochures or letters to match the ones I already use?
Yes. The software is built to allow you to customise a brochure or letter at any stage. So you can have multiple brochures at a click of a button
Can I upload as many additional images as I want?
Yes. The software is built to allow you to upload as may images as you want. The system will compress and resize the images for you, to the correct dimensions on your website.
Can I upload 360 degree Virtual Tours images to my properties?
Yes. The software comes with the ability to view 360 degree Virtual Tours. Just upload the images and the software will do the rest.
Will the software update my website automatically?
Yes. As you make a change in your property, the change is made on your website.
Can I add new staff to the system after I purchase it, and will it cost me more money?
You can add as many new agents to your software as you like without any additional cost to you.
Do I need to install any new updates when they are released?
No, you will be notified of the new feature and when it will appear in your software product.


I have no hesitation in recommending the Real Estate Software package and the support from eBuild Web Solutions that comes with it.

Enda Smith - CME Auctioneers